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Contact: Diana Friedman
New York Academy of Sciences

Clinical and economic outcomes of nutrition interventions across the continuum of care

Reducing healthcare costs and re-hospitalizations through improved nutrition

WHAT: Reducing Healthcare Costs and Re-hospitalizations through Improved Nutrition

WHEN: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

WHERE: The Omni Shoreham in Washington DC

PRESENTED BY: Abbott Nutrition Health Institute and The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science at the New York Academy of Sciences

DESCRIPTION: Optimal nutrition plays a key role in the short- and long-term clinical and economic outcomes of patients. Nutrition interventions have the potential to provide cost-effective preventive care and treatment measures. However, limited data exists on the economics and impact evaluations of these interventions.

On March 13, 2014, nutrition and health system researchers and practitioners, economists and policymakers will gather to discuss emerging research on nutrition health economics, the role of nutrition interventions across the continuum of care, and how nutrition can affect healthcare costs at "Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Nutrition Interventions Across the Continuum of Care." A networking reception will follow the event.

MORE INFORMATION AND THE CONFERENCE AGENDA: http://www.nyas.org/NutritionInterventions

PRESS REGISTRATION: Contact Diana Friedman at dfriedman@nyas.org or 212-298-8645


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