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EurekAlert! provides eligible reporters with free access to:

Embargoed and breaking news as it happens

100+ news releases are posted daily on EurekAlert! by 2,300+ accredited research institutions and peer-reviewed journal publishers. Embargoed content is made available to registered reporters in real-time during business hours (8:30am-5:00pm US Eastern Time). Read our news release eligibility guidelines.

Registered reporters also receive advance notice of scientific meetings and related news conferences.

Creditable sources, peer-reviewed discoveries

EurekAlert! is the exclusive distributor of embargoed press content from the Science family of journals. Only EurekAlert! reporter-registrants receive weekly embargoed press packages, access to journal articles ahead of publication, and invitations to embargoed press teleconferences organized by the Science press team.

Other prestigious journals offering embargoed press content through EurekAlert! include: PNAS, JAMA, PLOS, Lancet, ACS, the BMJ, and Cell Press journals.

Your news, delivered to you

User-customizable e-mail alerts with the latest embargoed and breaking news releases are delivered daily to your inbox. RSS feeds and special topics portals feature the latest marine science, climate change, and cancer research news releases, images, and videos.

With its timely links to new studies and review papers published in the top peer-reviewed journals, EurekAlert! is a source-finder, story tip sheet, and reality-check in one. It’s essential for any journalist attempting to cover the sciences.

Craig Allen Welch, Seattle Times

EurekAlert! is an excellent platform for journalists to stay updated on the latest scientific studies. Its press kit is comprehensive and its team super-supportive. I found EurekAlert! very helpful for my own reporting work and strongly recommend it to others.

Coco Liu, Climate Wire and Scientific American

My reporting rests on a foundation of solid science. The daily stream of notices from EurekAlert! keeps me informed about the latest water, food, and energy research.

Brett Walton, Circle of Blue

EurekAlert! is a vital tool, providing 24/7 access to original studies, contacts and news releases under embargo so we have time to work up original, useful reporting.

Maggie Fox,

EurekAlert! is the Swiss Army Knife of science websites, offering instant access to new research from an impressive range of influential, peer-reviewed journals.

Robert Lee Hotz, The Wall Street Journal

You couldn't possibly work as an international science reporter without checking EurekAlert!
You just miss too many stories.

Clive Cookson, Financial Times

With EurekAlert! reporter access, you get:

Embargoed news releases, updated in real-time, from 2,300+ institutions and journal publishers

Weekly embargoed press packages from leading journals, including Science, and invitations to embargoed press teleconferences

Embargoed press portals by JAMA, Lancet, PLOS, Cell and more

100+ news releases from accredited research institutions, posted daily

User-customized e-mail alerts and special topics portals

Archive of 380,000+ news releases since 1996

180,000 videos, images, and podcasts

Database of thousands of public information officers

Advance notice of scientific meetings and related news briefings

Eligibility: Staff reporters and freelance writers with accredited media outlets are eligible for free access to EurekAlert! upon approval of an application and completion of an embargo agreement. (Read full reporter eligibility requirements).