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NIH researchers decode retinal circuits for circadian rhythm, pupillary light response

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Life sciences/Organismal biology/Anatomy/Sense organs/Eye/Retina

UTSW-led research identifies new imaging biomarkers that predict antidepressant response

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Life sciences/Organismal biology/Anatomy/Nervous system/Central nervous system/Brain

Researchers find disparities in suicide risk among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Social sciences/Psychological science/Clinical psychology/Mental health

Brain activity patterns after trauma may predict long-term mental health

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Social sciences/Psychological science/Clinical psychology/Mental health

Researchers use exosome-based strategy to block HIV in mice

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Scientific community/Research programs/HIV research

CUNY SPH and the NYC Health Department to study long-acting antiretroviral therapy for HIV

Grant and Award Announcement | /Health and medicine/Epidemiology/Pathogens/Viruses/Human immunodeficiency virus

AI algorithm to detect suicide risk takes next steps toward clinic with funding from NIH

Grant and Award Announcement | /Health and medicine

Understanding black youth suicide: Steps toward prevention

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Social sciences/Psychological science/Behavioral psychology/Human behavior/Suicide