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New NIMH Strategic Plan paves the way for advances in mental health research

Business Announcement | /Social sciences/Psychological science/Clinical psychology/Mental health

Fast-fail trial shows new approach to identifying brain targets for clinical treatments

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Life sciences/Biochemistry/Pharmacology/Drug studies

Neural signature identifies people likely to respond to antidepressant medication

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Health and medicine/Clinical medicine/Medical treatments/Drug therapy/Medications/Antidepressants

New innovations in technology could benefit veterans with PTSD

Grant and Award Announcement | /Health and medicine/Clinical medicine/Medical treatments

Sex-based differences in the development of brain hubs involved in memory and emotion

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Life sciences/Organismal biology/Anatomy/Nervous system/Central nervous system/Brain/Limbic system/Amygdala

NIH announces funding awards for national early psychosis learning community

Grant and Award Announcement | /Social sciences/Psychological science/Clinical psychology/Psychiatric disorders/Psychotic disorders/Psychosis

UCI child neurologist Dr. Tallie Z. Baram is awarded $15 million Conte Center grant

Grant and Award Announcement | /Social sciences/Political science/Government/Public policy/Science policy/Research management/Research funding

Novel method identifies patients at risk for HIV who may benefit from PrEP strategies

Peer-Reviewed Publication | /Health and medicine/Epidemiology/Pathogens/Viruses/Human immunodeficiency virus

Researcher gets $4 million to better predict mental health disorders

Grant and Award Announcement | /Health and medicine/Diseases and disorders/Neurological disorders