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News Release 18-Nov-2019
A 'virtual tongue' to predict the taste of food products is being developed
The University of Granada is participating in the VIRTUOUS project, with a budget of 1.1 million Euros, involving institutions from four European countries.

Contact: María Vanessa Martos Núñez
University of Granada

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News Release 15-Nov-2019
ASU collects 5 solar awards in latest round of DOE funding
Five projects earn $9.8 million in SETO Funding.
DOE/Solar Energy Technology Office

Contact: Theresa Grant
Arizona State University

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News Release 15-Nov-2019
Weissbuch Gastroenterologie 2020/2021
After cardiovascular illnesses, non-malignant diseases of the digestive tract are the most common illnesses affecting Germans, resulting in around 2 million hospitalizations every year. With the updated White Paper, the German Society for Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (DGVS) offers a validated scientific and statistical foundation to underpin the discussion of the present and future status of gastrointestinal diseases in Germany.

Contact: Maria Hrynkiewicz
De Gruyter

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