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Public Release: 26-Apr-2017
UF receives up to $8.4 million from DoD to study brain training using electric stimulation
The US Defense Department is looking for ways to speed up cognitive skills training -- the types of skills useful for specialists such as linguists, intelligence analysts and cryptographers -- and is awarding University of Florida engineers and neuroscientists up to $8.4 million over the next four years to investigate how to do that by applying electrical stimulation to peripheral nerves as a means of strengthening neuronal connections in the brain.

Contact: Michelle Koidin Jaffee
University of Florida

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Public Release: 26-Apr-2017
Sethi receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Kapil Sethi, a neurologist and former director of the Movement Disorders Program at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, is the 2017 recipient of the Association of Indian Neurologists in America's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Contact: Jennifer Scott
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

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Public Release: 26-Apr-2017
Rice's John Boles offers new exploration of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson
In a new book spanning more than 640 pages, Rice University's eminent scholar of the American South, John Boles, takes a fresh, nuanced look at one of America's most talented, enigmatic and complex Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Not since the 1970 book 'Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation' by Boles' mentor Merrill Peterson has a scholar published a comprehensive biography of the third president of the US.

Contact: Jeff Falk
Rice University

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