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Public Release: 8-Sep-2016
Academies announce winners of 2016 Communication Awards
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine announced today the recipients of the 2016 Communication Awards. Supported by the W.M. Keck Foundation since 2003 as part of the Keck Futures Initiative, these prestigious awards -- each of which includes a $20,000 prize -- recognize excellence in reporting and communicating science, engineering, and medicine to the general public. The winners will be honored during a ceremony on Oct. 26 in Washington, DC.
W.M. Keck Foundation

Contact: Molly Galvin
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Public Release: 8-Sep-2016
AMP 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibits
AMP to recognize Eric Lander with 2016 Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics
Eric Lander, Ph.D., has earned this year's Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics for his countless contributions to the field. The award will be presented at the AMP 2016 Annual Meeting. Following the award presentation, Dr. Lander will deliver a special lecture on his 35-year journey uncovering insights to benefit human health.

Contact: Andrew Noble
Association for Molecular Pathology

Public Release: 8-Sep-2016
NTU Singapore documentary on earthquakes bags multiple international awards
A documentary by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) on its ground-breaking earthquake research in Nepal has bagged several top international film awards.

Contact: Amin Shah
Nanyang Technological University

Public Release: 7-Sep-2016
Brilliant at any age: ONR researchers, robots and MIT
Three researchers sponsored by the Office of Naval Research are being recognized as outstanding innovators by the MIT Technology Review-which is published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to show how the world is being dramatically shaped by new technology.

Contact: Bob Freeman
Office of Naval Research

Public Release: 7-Sep-2016
Argonne-led projects among $39.8 million in first-round Exascale Computing Project awards
The Exascale Computing Project today announced its first round of funding with the selection of application development proposals, including three Argonne-led projects.
United States Department of Energy, Exascale Computing Project

Contact: Brian Grabowski
DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
ESMO 2016
ESMO rewards outstanding oncologists
The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the leading professional organization for medical oncology, has revealed the four outstanding recipients of its distinguished awards.

Contact: Press Office
European Society for Medical Oncology

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
ESMO 2016
ESMO Women for Oncology awards Sumitra Thongprasert
Professor Sumitra Thongprasert has been awarded the second ESMO Women for Oncology award, honoring her position as a role model for women in the profession and for her distinguished career.

European Society for Medical Oncology

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln has been awarded the Gossen Prize
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Professor of Macroeconomics and Development at Goethe University Frankfurt's House of Finance, has been awarded the Gossen Prize 2016. The most important criterion for the prize are publications in internationally renowned research journals.

Contact: Dr. Olaf Kaltenborn
Goethe University Frankfurt

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
Champalimaud Vision Award recognizes findings in the relationship between the brain and the eyes
The award, the world's largest in the area of vision, worth €1 million, recognizes research essential to increasing our understanding of the relationship between what we see and what happens in the brain. John Flanagan, Christine Holt, Carol Mason and Carla Shatz are the winners. The award recognizes research that opens up the potential development of new therapies to combat vision disorders.

Contact: Maria Joao Soares

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
Pioneers in epigenetics awarded Horwitz Prize
For their fundamental work on how molecules can regulate the structure, behavior, and activity of DNA without modifying its genetic code, Columbia University will award the 2016 Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize to Howard Cedar, Ph.D., and Aharon Razin, Ph.D., of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Gary Felsenfeld, Ph.D., of the National Institutes of Health.

Contact: Karin Eskenazi
Columbia University Medical Center

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
Case Western Reserve researcher awarded Drexel Prize in Translational Medicine
Jonathan Karn has been awarded the 2016 Drexel Prize in Translational Medicine by the Institute for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia.

Contact: Marc Kaplan
Case Western Reserve University

Public Release: 1-Sep-2016
New Investigator Award to help arrest global cereals killer
With a 70 percent increase in global agriculture productivity needed to feed nine billion people by 2050, defending against wheat yellow rust requires immediate action to secure our global food supplies. Dr Ksenia Krasileva, Group Leader at the Earlham Institute (EI) and The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL), has been awarded a New Investigator award from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to find and breed plants that can better fend off this disease, and potentially reduce the use of pesticides.

Contact: Hayley London
Earlham Institute

Public Release: 1-Sep-2016
Sinologist Lena Henningsen is the 2016 winner of the Leopoldina Early Career Award
Dr Lena Henningsen of the Institute of Chinese Studies at Freiburg University and member of the Young Academy has won the Leopoldina Early Career Award 2016, which is worth €30,000 and is funded by the Commerzbank Foundation. The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina chose the sinologist for her outstanding research into present-day Chinese culture as well as her commitment to intercultural dialogue and to promoting a differentiated image of China.

Contact: Caroline Wichmann

Public Release: 1-Sep-2016
ASHG welcomes 2016-17 fellows in genetics policy and education
ASHG is pleased to welcome the 2016-2017 ASHG-National Human Genome Research Institute Fellows in Genetics & Public Policy and Genetics & Education. Christa L. Wagner, PhD, the new Genetics & Public Policy Fellow; and Teresa Ramirez, PhD, the new Genetics & Education Fellow, will begin their 16-month positions on Sept. 1.

Contact: Nalini Padmanabhan
American Society of Human Genetics

Public Release: 31-Aug-2016
Ramon Lopez awarded 2016 Richard Carrington Education and Public Outreach Award
Ramon Lopez, a professor of physics at The University of Texas at Arlington, has been named the winner of the 2016 Richard Carrington Education and Public Outreach Award by the Space and Aeronomy section of the American Geophysical Union. The AGU's Carrington Award is presented annually to one honoree 'in recognition of significant and outstanding impact on students' and the public's understanding of our science through their education and/or outreach activities -- exhibiting an effort that goes well beyond their particular job title.'
American Geophysical Union

Contact: Louisa Kellie
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 31-Aug-2016
DFG awards 2016 Bernd Rendel Prize
Young geoscientists are recognized for their predoctoral research.

Contact: Cornelia Lossau
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Public Release: 30-Aug-2016
Five Brookhaven Lab projects selected as R&D 100 award finalists
Five projects from the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have been selected as finalists for the 2016 R&D 100 awards, which honor the top 100 proven technological advances of the past year as determined by a panel selected by R&D Magazine.
DOE/Office of Science, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Brookhaven's Technology Maturation Program

Contact: Kay Cordtz
DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory

Public Release: 30-Aug-2016
UTA faculty and alumnus celebrated as 'Tech Titans' in 2016 awards
Three faculty and a graduate of UTA won Tech Titans Awards for excellence and leadership in technology fields in 2016, announced at a recent celebratory gala. UTA professors won the the Tech Titans Inventors Award and Tech Titans of the Future University Award and a UTA alumnus was named Tech Titans Corporate Company CEO of the year.
Tech Titans

Contact: Louisa Kellie
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 30-Aug-2016
GSA Annual Meeting 2016
LifeVest was born to help babies
LifeVest, a technology being developed at St. Michael's Hospital to help newborns breathe, won the Global Healthcare Innovation Academy's international competition in Calgary.

Contact: Geoff Koehler
St. Michael's Hospital

Public Release: 29-Aug-2016
3-D printed tool for building aircraft achieves Guinness World Records title
A 3-D printed trim-and-drill tool, developed by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to be evaluated at The Boeing Company, has received the title of largest solid 3-D printed item by Guinness World Records™.

Contact: Sara Shoemaker
DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Public Release: 29-Aug-2016
International Dairy Foods Association (USA)
HKU scientist receives prestigious award from the International Dairy Foods Association
Professor Nagendra Shah, Professor of Food Science and Technology in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong was named the recipient for the International Dairy Foods Association Research Award in Dairy Foods Processing in 2016 by the American Dairy Science Association. He received the award in an award presentation ceremony held on July 21 (Thursday) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Contact: Cindy Chan
The University of Hong Kong

Public Release: 29-Aug-2016
Seymour and Vivian Milstein Award for Excellence in cytokine and interferon research
The International Cytokine and Interferon Society (ICIS) announced today that the Seymour and Vivian Milstein Award has been given to 3 premier scientists who have translated basic research findings into clinical benefit for thousands of patients. Carl Nathan, M.D. , John O'Shea M.D., and Jan Vilcek, M.D.,Ph.D will share the 2016 Seymour and Vivian Milstein Award for Excellence in Cytokine and Interferon Research ('The Milstein Award').
The Milstein Family

Contact: Lisa Hetherington
International Cytokine & Interferon Society

Public Release: 26-Aug-2016
NJIT co-hosts inaugural Computer Science Education awards ceremony
The award ceremony celebrates the contributions and commitment to teaching college-level computer science.

Contact: Tanya Klein
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Public Release: 26-Aug-2016
Annual production of gallium and germanium could be much higher
The global supply potential of the high-tech metals gallium and germanium is much greater than actual annual production levels. This is the main conclusion from Max Frenzel's work. Frenzel, a postgraduate student at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, is one of two recipients of the Bernd Rendel Prize for Geosciences 2016. The prize, awarded by the German Research Foundation, will be presented on Sept. 28 at the annual conference of the German Geological Society in Innsbruck.

Contact: Anja Weigl
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

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