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Public Release: 21-Jul-2017
Sixth volume of the German Surname Atlas released
The now available sixth volume of the German Surname Atlas contains 49 sets of maps with a total of 253 detailed maps showing the distribution of surnames derived from given names.
German Research Foundation

Contact: Dr. Kathrin Dräger
Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz

Public Release: 20-Jul-2017
Examining the forces behind political conduct: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior
What fuels government leaders and constituents into political action, such as attacking the media or marching and protesting, and how do these acts influence political outcomes and public policy debates? What makes democracy appealing to one society and socialism appealing to the country next door? As political passions and polarization escalate, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior launches an exploration into the intersections of psychology, political science, sociology, and human behavior.

Contact: Camille Gamboa

Public Release: 18-Jul-2017
UTA researcher's book looks at quality-of-life concerns associated with urban sprawl
A new book, co-authored by UTA researcher Shima Hamidi, empirically shows how badly sprawl affects health and other quality-of-life outcomes.
National Institutes of Health, Ford Foundation

Contact: Herb Booth
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 17-Jul-2017
New book describes how a changing climate may be leading to more extreme events
New book describes how a changing climate may be leading to more extreme events,

Contact: Nanci Bompey
American Geophysical Union

Public Release: 10-Jul-2017
New book provides guide to evidence-based practices in addiction treatment
A definitive guide to clinical research on addiction for front-line clinicians is found in a new book. Integrating Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments for Addictive Disorders is published by Routledge. 'There's no silver bullet for treating addiction,' says James MacKillop of McMaster University, one of four co-editors. 'But there are many treatments that have strong evidence behind them. We wanted to create a go-to reference to put the best practices in treatment at clinicians' fingertips.'

Contact: Tina Depko
905-525-9140 x22196
McMaster University

Public Release: 6-Jul-2017
New comprehensive reference source of the governing class of Great Britain
The book will serve as a comprehensive reference source of the governing class of Great Britain and Ireland from Oliver Cromwell to Winston Churchill, offering an unrivalled pool of data to support analysis of social, political, economic, and cultural history in the British Isles over the course of more than four centuries.

Contact: Maria Hrynkiewicz
De Gruyter Open

Public Release: 5-Jul-2017
The oval -- creating beauty with numbers
The oval has been used probably more than any other similar shape to build arches, bridges, amphitheatres, churches and windows. Angelo A. Mazzotti's new book investigates some of the most intriguing types of oval historically used. It also provides an essential guide for anyone using the oval shape today to make objects, design buildings, stadiums or as a means of artistic creation. Mazzotti says: "An ellipse is nature, it is how the planets move, while the oval is human, it is imperfect."

Contact: Christina Theis

Public Release: 4-Jul-2017
Sleep scientists' latest book debunks 40 myths on getting a good night's sleep
A new book by leading sleep scientists debunks 40 popular and persistent myths on how to get a good night's sleep - from the efficacy of bed socks to the potentially negative consequences of sticking to 'the eight hour rule'.

Contact: Cerri Evans
University of Lincoln

Public Release: 3-Jul-2017
Cyber fraud more than just a policing issue: QUT criminologist
A new book on the international explosion of cyber fraud compares the policing practices of Australia with other countries and concludes that despite leading the way in the use of financial intelligence, we can do better. Cyber Frauds, Scams and their Victims, written by Dr Cassandra Cross from QUT's School of Justice and Professor Mark Button, from the University of Portsmouth, UK, has just been published by Routledge.

Contact: Amanda Weaver
Queensland University of Technology

Public Release: 30-Jun-2017
Grapes linked to better health
A newly released book titled Grapes and Health: A Monograph offers a thorough review of the current science linking the consumption of grapes to better health. Designed for health and science professionals, this 235-page authoritative reference is a compilation and synthesis of peer-reviewed, grape-specific research which demonstrates the significant scope of the health impact of grape consumption.

Contact: Jeff Cardinale
California Table Grape Commission

Public Release: 29-Jun-2017
Africa's demographic dividend
Africa will dominate global population dynamics in the 21st century. While public attention is focused on Asia as a fast-growing and prospering market with currently 4.5 billion inhabitants, today's one billion sub-Saharan Africans have significantly outpaced Asia in terms of population growth. The book Africa's Population: In Search of a Demographic Dividend, edited by Hans Groth and John F. May, analyses how Africa can accelerate its economic growth by benefiting from its changing population structure.

Contact: Doris Drechsler

Public Release: 27-Jun-2017
Symbolic traces of communist legacy in post-socialist Hungary by Dr. Lisa Pope Fischer
In what ways does societal change carry aspects of the past?  How is the past reworked and molded to fit the present? A new book published in September 2016 by Brill examines how Hungarians have adjusted their perceptions and daily activities in the transition from communism to a post-socialist society.

Contact: Shante Booker
The City University of New York

Public Release: 27-Jun-2017
New book on synthetic biology from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
'Synthetic Biology' examines the tools and techniques employed by synthetic biologists, how these may be used to develop new drugs, diagnostic approaches, food sources, and clean energy, and what the field of synthetic biology has taught us about natural living systems. The contributors discuss advances in DNA synthesis and assembly, genome editing and artificial genetic systems, as well as progress in designing complex genetic switches and circuits, expanding the genetic code, modifying cellular organization, producing proteins using cell-free systems, and developing biodesign automation tools.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Public Release: 22-Jun-2017
Veteran scientist shares wisdom, experiences, crop management tactics in new book
Dr. R. James Cook, one of the world's leading plant pathologists, built a storied 40-year career that profoundly impacted scientists and growers alike. His exceptional new book, Untold Stories: Forty Years of Field Research on Root Diseases of Wheat, is part autobiographical collection of first-person stories, experiences, and philosophies for scientists--and part practical management guide for growers and consultants working in the field today.

Contact: Phil Bogdan
American Phytopathological Society

Public Release: 22-Jun-2017
Introducing the Large Dairy Herd Management 3rd edition (e-book)
The ADSA Foundation is pleased to announce that after untold hours of work by a dedicated group of 171 chapter authors, 18 section editors, and 73 external reviewers, under the leadership of Dr. David Beede, the third edition of Large Dairy Herd Management (e-book) is now available for purchase.
Zoetis, and Purina, Lely, Biomin, Milk Specialties Global, Zoetis, Cargill

Contact: Ken Olson

Public Release: 20-Jun-2017
Scottish independence -- 'it was wrong then and it's wrong now'
Lecturers at the University of Huddersfield have contributed to a new book about an embattled Tory Prime Minister beset by political crises -- including Europe -- and facing the possibility of electoral meltdown.

Contact: Nicola Werritt
University of Huddersfield

Public Release: 15-Jun-2017
Handbook of the Science of Science Communication published by Oxford
From vaccinations to climate change, nuclear power to fracking, the weight of scientific evidence and the perceptions of the public are often deeply at odds. Political controversies arise over issues involving long-settled scientific issues as well as emerging technologies. The rapidly changing media environment complicates the communication of sound science. To illuminate these and other issues, Oxford University Press has published The Oxford Handbook of the Science of Science Communication.

Contact: Michael Rozansky
Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Public Release: 7-Jun-2017
New book on Chromatin Deregulation in Cancer from CSHLPress
"Chromatin Deregulation in Cancer", just released from CSHLPress, examines the chromatin components that are commonly mutated, what is understood about the mechanisms that lead to hematological malignancies and solid tumors, and prospects for the therapeutic modulation of chromatin. The contributors describe how histone proteins, histone-modifying enzymes, chromatin remodelers, transcriptional regulatory complexes, enhancer-associated factors, and signaling proteins are dysregulated in cancer pathogenesis. In addition, the roles of DNA methylation and noncoding RNAs are covered.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 7-Jun-2017
A Swedish style?
Why has the neoclassical Gustavian style become so prominent in the Swedish self-image? A new dissertation from Uppsala University shows how researchers in art history, along with museums, commercial enterprises and the monarchy, have contributed to preserving and conveying the Gustavian style.

Contact: Hedvig Mårdh
Uppsala University

Public Release: 6-Jun-2017
Data comes to life in new edition of bestselling SAGE Publishing text
SAGE Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact, Second Edition by Dr. Stephanie D. H. Evergreen. The full-color text teaches students, researchers, evaluators, non-profit workers, and others who report data how to present research results in a meaningful way.

Contact: Camille Gamboa

Public Release: 6-Jun-2017
European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Conference
Understanding impacts and adaptation to high-end climate scenarios in Europe
While the Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, aims at limiting global warming to well below 2°C, concerns remain that currently global greenhouse gas emissions seem on track to warm the climate by more than that. Combining the force of over 150 researchers from leading scientific institutions across Europe, three major EU-funded projects, IMPRESSIONS, HELIX and RISES-AM-, have synthesized research knowledge on impacts and adaptation under high-end climate change for key policy sectors.

Contact: Dr. Paula A. Harrison
Pensoft Publishers

Public Release: 6-Jun-2017
Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Canadian Rockies, and the fossils of the Burgess Shale
A field guide in conjunction with GSA's Rocky Mountain Section meeting offers five field trips that explore the structural geology, sedimentology, and paleontology near Calgary, as well as examining the relationship of the geology to the regional petroleum and mining industries. The guides describe the geology of a classic E-W transect through the Canadian Rockies, the stratigraphy of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dinosaur Provincial Park, and the unique fossils of the Burgess Shale.

Contact: April Leo
Geological Society of America

Public Release: 5-Jun-2017
Power of the Latino vote in the US will balance its foreign policy
Power of the Latino vote in the US will balance its foreign policy A new book by a University of Kent researcher in international relations uses material published by Wikileaks to conclude that Trump-style nationalism will be counterbalanced by the growing strength of the Latino vote in the US.

Contact: Sandy Fleming
University of Kent

Public Release: 2-Jun-2017
New book by UK faculty member guides STEM students in career planning
A new book co-written by Nathan Vanderford, University of Kentucky assistant professor in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, guides STEM graduate and postdoctoral students in their career planning by evaluating goals and finding the steps to be taken to achieve them.

Contact: Allison Perry
University of Kentucky

Public Release: 2-Jun-2017
Identify and manage raspberry, blackberry pests with new industry reference
Raspberries and blackberries are favorites among consumers -- but unfortunately also favorites for plant diseases, bugs, and other pests. A new resource from APS PRESS, the Compendium of Raspberry and Blackberry Diseases and Pests, Second Edition, ensures more berries are eaten by consumers. This comprehensive up-to-date industry reference helps users quickly identify and manage raspberry and blackberry diseases, insect pests, and abiotic orders with more than 200 high-quality images for diagnosis and practical management guidelines.

Contact: Phil Bogdan
American Phytopathological Society

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