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Public Release: 28-Apr-2017
UTA professor's book explains complex world of public health, individual medical services
A book from a UTA associate professor explains why the United States has the health system it has.

Contact: Herb Booth
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 26-Apr-2017
Rice's John Boles offers new exploration of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson
In a new book spanning more than 640 pages, Rice University's eminent scholar of the American South, John Boles, takes a fresh, nuanced look at one of America's most talented, enigmatic and complex Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Not since the 1970 book 'Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation' by Boles' mentor Merrill Peterson has a scholar published a comprehensive biography of the third president of the US.

Contact: Jeff Falk
Rice University

Public Release: 24-Apr-2017
New book on Ion Channels from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
"Ion Channels" from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press provides state-of-the-art techniques for investigating ion channel properties and function, particularly in the nervous system. It includes background on the structure, function, and regulation of different voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels. It is a useful resource for all cell biologists and neuroscientists seeking to further understand the complex roles of ion channels in physiology and disease.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 21-Apr-2017
Ethereum -- foundations of cryptocurrency and blockchain programming
Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and blockchain protocols are taking the world by storm. Ethereum is an open-source public blockchain featuring smart contracts which uses the Turing-complete scripting language Solidity. The open source Ethereum protocol was first proposed in 2013, along with its native cryptocurrency ether. 'Introducing Ethereum and Solidity,' written by Chris Dannen and published by Apress, compiles basic technical principles and situates the project within the existing world of hardware and software.

Contact: Katrin Petermann

Public Release: 21-Apr-2017
Princeton course inspires textbook on matrix structural analysis and finite element methods
Based on a course taught at Princeton University over the past 15 years, this book guides readers from first principles to implementable algorithms. The intensive, code-centric approach adopted in this book aims to actively develop critical thinking skills to assess the performance of commercial analysis packages and explore advanced literature on the subject.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 21-Apr-2017
Nonlinear waves in bounded media
Professors Mortell and Seymour give a step-by-step synopsis of their forty-five years of research on nonlinear waves. This is the first book to systematically address propagation and reflection of nonlinear hyperbolic and dispersive waves in bounded and stratified media. Acoustic oscillations in shaped resonators and the sloshing of fluids in tanks are important physical problems examined in detail.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 19-Apr-2017
The story of our universe from the Big Bang to the present day
Astronomy has long been the domain of physicists, but scientists working within the rapidly growing field of astrochemistry are currently making great strides in revealing the chemical history of the Universe, from the spontaneous formation of the first chemical elements shortly after the Big Bang to the evolution of the complex planet we find ourselves on today.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 18-Apr-2017
Jumping to your death? Motivations of extreme sports
Researchers have debunked the myth that extreme sportsmen and women are adrenalin junkies with a death wish, in a recently released book. Co-authors QUT Adjunct Professor Eric Brymer, who is currently based at Leeds Beckett University in the UK, and QUT Professor Robert Schweitzer said extreme sports were leisure activities in which a mismanaged mistake or accident could result in death, such as BASE jumping, big wave surfing and solo rope free climbing.

Contact: Sandra Hutchinson
Queensland University of Technology

Public Release: 12-Apr-2017
Musical beds: Co-sleeping is more common than some parents admit
Parents know that co-sleeping is considered a no-no, but many still allow their children to crawl into bed with them at night. Doctors generally discourage co-sleeping, but an Iowa State professor says it is a phenomenon that extends well beyond the infant and toddler years.

Contact: Susan Stewart
Iowa State University

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
Book reveals how faith sustained Jackie Robinson as he shattered racial barriers
No athlete ever faced greater pressure and suffered more abuse than he did. Yet he didn't just endure; he thrived as he changed baseball and American society forever. How did Jackie Robinson do it?

Contact: Rich Schneider
Indiana University

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
Cracking the case: Notes of a poison detective
Poison information specialists answer a variety of medical problems over the phone. However, there are cases that provide a challenge even for well-trained and capable experts: What do you do if 40 kids have turned blue? A restaurant's toilet water suddenly contains bubbles and customers complain of stomach pains? Could there be a serial killer in the Intensive Care Unit? Steven M. Marcus cracks these and other cases in Medical Toxicology: Antidotes and Anecdotes

Contact: Christina Theis

Public Release: 5-Apr-2017
Nordic Food Lab publishes book on eating insects
How do you harvest ants from an anthill in the forest? How does trading occur with insects in Thailand? How does an ant taste? Why does it make sense to harvest drone bee larvae, beyond the reason that they taste good? These questions, and many more, are answered in the new book from Nordic Food Lab, 'On Eating Insects - Essays, stories and recipes,' which is published at Phaidon, on May 1, 2017.

Contact: Michael Bom Frost
Faculty of Science - University of Copenhagen

Public Release: 5-Apr-2017
200 years since Parkinson's disease was first identified
World Parkinson's Disease Day [April 11] is held every year on Parkinson's birthday to raise awareness of the disease and the research being done to alleviate it. To mark 200 years since James Parkinson first identified the condition named after him, a new biography of this forgotten man will be published.

Contact: Cherry Lewis
University of Bristol

Public Release: 5-Apr-2017
Adoption system unfair to poor mothers who give up their children
The only option available for mothers who are struggling financially at the time of adoption and who would primarily want temporary assistance to care for their child is to permanently give up their child through adoption. This means that the right to found a family does not apply to the birth mothers in the international adoption system, as they do not have a choice.

Contact: Riitta Högbacka
University of Helsinki

Public Release: 4-Apr-2017
Sonochemistry: New opportunities for green chemistry
Undergraduate and graduate students in chemistry, and practitioners of ultrasonic technology will gain a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges facing sonochemistry today in its theoretical and practical implementation.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 3-Apr-2017
Mapping Ecosystem Services: Collection of theories, methods and practical applications
Mapping ecosystems and their services is a powerful tool to raise awareness about areas of ecosystem goods and services supply and demand, assisting environmental education about human dependence on functioning nature. The new book Mapping Ecosystem Services provides a comprehensive collection of theories, methods and practical applications of ecosystem services (ES) mapping, for the first time bringing together valuable knowledge and techniques from leading international experts in the field.

Contact: Benjamin Burkhard
Pensoft Publishers

Public Release: 30-Mar-2017
Book pays homage to August Vollmer, father of American policing
After 10 years of research and a bookcase full of documents, Professor Willard Oliver of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice published a comprehensive biography of August Vollmer, known as the 'Father of American Policing.'

Contact: Beth Kuhles
Sam Houston State University

Public Release: 27-Mar-2017
'Maria Theresa was a relentlessly strict matriarch'
New biography on the occasion of the empress' 300th birthday -- historian Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger refutes clichés about one of the most powerful women in history: prosecution of Protestants and Jews, cruelty against her own children, hypocrisy at the royal court -- book nominated for the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair.

Contact: Viola van Melis
Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics"

Public Release: 23-Mar-2017
Dark tourism has grown around myth of prison tree
New research involving the University of Adelaide is helping to expose a myth about a significant Australian 'prison tree,' which researchers say has become a popular tourism attraction for the wrong reasons.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Grant
University of Adelaide

Public Release: 22-Mar-2017
Geoecology and the archaeological record in the Marias river canyon
The Marias River canyon geoecosystem and its associated archaeological resources provide an excellent example of the complex interplay among geology, plant ecology, ungulate niches, and human activities on the landscape during late Holocene time. Understanding landscape complexity from both a geologic and an ecologic perspective reveals the influences of individual elements and their interaction with one another.

Contact: April Leo
Geological Society of America

Public Release: 21-Mar-2017
Fossils, caves and karst, and how geology affected the Civil War
A new field guide in conjunction with GSA's Southeastern Section meeting offers seven field guides that explore the diverse geology of Virginia from its Appalachian highlands to the Atlantic shore. The guides cover an array of topics ranging from cave and karst development in the Valley and Ridge to the exceptional fossil localities at the Carmel Church Quarry and the cliffs near Stratford Hall to Precambrian rocks in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Contact: April Leo
Geological Society of America

Public Release: 21-Mar-2017
What to do in a disaster: New must-have guide for health professionals
A world-first grass-roots guide for doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health professionals to give them a much-needed common language to deal with the growing number of natural and man-made disasters worldwide. Edited by QUT it features contributions from 54 experts from around the globe and covers events including Cyclone Yasi, the US Ebola outbreak, Victoria's bushfires, Iceland's 2010 volcano eruption, Tokyo's Sarin nerve gas attack and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Contact: Amanda Weaver
Queensland University of Technology

Public Release: 15-Mar-2017
Killer spirals offer wild ride
Øyvind Hammer was first seduced by the spiral's charms 20 years ago while studying fossils and with his new book he aims to make others susceptible. After reading it, you'll look for spirals wherever you turn and Hammer will have succeeded in his 'evil scheme.'

Contact: Christina Theis

Public Release: 14-Mar-2017
William Small, Jr., M.D., editor of new edition of classic radiation oncology textbook
William Small, Jr., M.D., chair of Loyola Medicine's radiation oncology department, is editor of a revised third edition of a classic reference in radiation oncology.

Contact: Jim Ritter
Loyola University Health System

Public Release: 14-Mar-2017
Unconventional: The Development of Natural Gas from the Marcellus Shale
Shale gas has changed thinking about fossil energy supplies worldwide, but the development of these resources has been controversial. Activists have made claims that hydraulic fracturing may contribute to climate change, threaten groundwater resources, and pose risks to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and human health.

Contact: April Leo
Geological Society of America

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