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Public Release: 9-Sep-2016
Application of the mathematics of harmony -- Golden non-Euclidean geometry in modern math
A masterful exploration of history and the essence of mathematical reasoning to the future development of modern science and mathematics.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 8-Sep-2016
Book highlights differences in preterm births in America and other countries
Clinical and epidemiological data are combined with sociology and anthropology to better understand preterm birth in the United States compared to Canada, the United Kingdom and other Western European countries.

Contact: Alicia Rohan
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Public Release: 8-Sep-2016
Who owns the dead?
In a new book, Carnegie Mellon University's Jay D. Aronson details the reasons why a promise was made to identify all victims of the Sept. 11th World Trade Center terrorist attack and why living up to the task has been so challenging.

Contact: Shilo Rea
Carnegie Mellon University

Public Release: 7-Sep-2016
Book of essays on medical miracles edited by CU Professor Emeritus
Twenty current and former faculty members of the University of Colorado School of Medicine are contributors to a newly published collection of essays.

Contact: Mark Couch
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
Why birds matter
"Why Birds Matter" highlights the many essential services birds provide to ecosystems and the consequences to soil, plants and animals if bird species continue to disappear.

Contact: Paul Gabrielsen
University of Utah

Public Release: 6-Sep-2016
Research examines global security and surveillance technologies
As governments around the world scramble to better respond to security threats, they are increasingly monitoring everyday things used to commit crime, like cell phones and automobiles. This novel approach to fighting crime forms the backdrop of recent research published by Keith Guzik, a sociologist at the University of Colorado Denver.

Contact: Emily Williams
University of Colorado Denver

Public Release: 4-Sep-2016
New handbook by Singapore scholars on emerging terrorist threats
The terrorism threat to the Asia Pacific region is serious, imminent and on a growth trajectory, say scholars from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) in the latest book titled Handbook of Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific.

Contact: Lester Kok
Nanyang Technological University

Public Release: 2-Sep-2016
IUCN World Conservation Congress
Turn down the volume
A guide launched today by IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, outlines best practices to ensure environmentally responsible seismic surveys and other forms of undersea mapping, with the aim of minimizing negative impacts of loud associated noise on marine life.
Sakhalin Energy

Contact: Anete Berzina
International Union for Conservation of Nature

Public Release: 1-Sep-2016
Criminologists detail the personal and professional costs of using confidential informants
Interviews with law enforcement officers who work with confidential drug informants reveal that the practice, while aiding in investigations and arrests, can also extract huge personal, professional and organizational costs, according to research published in a new book this month.

Contact: Jennifer Giarratano
Georgia State University

Public Release: 1-Sep-2016
Policing biases -- A critical issue facing law enforcement today
The number one issue facing policing today is the allegation that officers act on stereotypes and biases. Across the country, community members are expressing great concern about the over-representation of racial/ethnic minorities among individuals against whom police use force, and whom police arrest. In the new Springer book Producing Bias-Free Policing-A Science-Based Approach, author Lorie Fridell provides the reader with clear strategies and tools to guide police professionals in their efforts to produce fair policing.

Contact: Lea Brix

Public Release: 1-Sep-2016
Fifty things you need to know about elections
Why did the pollsters get the 2015 election so wrong, why are estate agents trusted more than politicians, and who would Santa vote for? These are among fifty topics explored by leading political scientists in More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box, edited by Professor Philip Cowley from Queen Mary University of London and Professor Robert Ford from the University of Manchester.

Contact: Mark Byrne
Queen Mary University of London

Public Release: 30-Aug-2016
It's not just the heat: Bad policies contributing to heat-related deaths in farmworkers
A new book by University of Colorado Denver anthropologist Sarah Horton argues that heat fatalities are likely to continue among American farmworkers without reform of immigration, labor, health-care and food safety policies.

Contact: Emily Williams
University of Colorado Denver

Public Release: 29-Aug-2016
New book by Rice's DeConick explores the emergence and revolutionizing role of gnosticism
Gnosticism is a countercultural spirituality that forever changed the practice of Christianity. This is the premise of a new book by April DeConick, the Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies and chair of the Department of Religion at Rice University.

Contact: Jeff Falk
Rice University

Public Release: 26-Aug-2016
Five Irish brothers who mapped the British Empire
A new book by Charles Drazin from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) takes the reader on a historical journey from a small village in rural Ireland to the farthest flung outposts of the early twentieth century British empire.

Contact: Mark Byrne
Queen Mary University of London

Public Release: 24-Aug-2016
New book on sugar-sweetened beverage taxation
The Evaluation Platform on Obesity Prevention from the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute -- Laval University is pleased to announce the launch of the book 'Taxing Soda for Public Health: a Canadian Perspective' by Springer. This work provides an exhaustive analysis of the rationale, potential impacts and applicability of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages as a public health measure aimed to contribute preventing obesity and diabetes, particularly in Canada.

Contact: Janet Kim

Public Release: 24-Aug-2016
Digging in data and spinning stories -- CMOs at work
A successful chief marketing officer needs to be passionate about what he is doing and get that message out to people, states Seth Farbman, CMO of the digital music service Spotify, in an interview with Josh Steimle. The interview with Farbman is one of 29 that Steimle, author of 'Chief Marketing Officers at Work,' conducted with leading marketing executives. The result is a compilation of biographical anecdotes, career advice and professional insights into their daily business, published by Apress.

Contact: Katrin Petermann

Public Release: 23-Aug-2016
Social media in industrial China and social media in rural China
How has the biggest mass migration in human history affected Chinese communication habits? Have the inhabitants of rural China been 'left behind' in the social media revolution? These are just some of the questions explored by the latest books in an eleven book series revealing the discoveries made by the UCL Department of Anthropology's global 'Why We Post' social media research project.

Contact: Alison Major
University College London

Public Release: 22-Aug-2016
Problems in mechanics open the door to the orderly world of chaos
Despite the impression given in most mechanics texts, most non-trivial mechanics problems simply have no analytic solutions. When we try to solve them numerically the results show an odd combination of order and unpredictability that has come to be called chaos. This book embraces such problems and introduces students to the elegant body of theory that has grown up around them.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 22-Aug-2016
A collection of practical algorithms for polynomial inequality proving and discovering
'Automated Inequality Proving and Discovering' is the first book that focuses on practical algorithms for polynomial inequality proving and discovering.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 18-Aug-2016
New manual on Fission Yeast from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
'Fission Yeast' from CSHLPress provides an authoritative collection of core experimental procedures that underpin modern fission yeast research. The contributors describe basic methods for culturing and genetically manipulating fission yeast, synchronization strategies for probing the cell cycle, technologies for assessing proteins, metabolites, and cell wall constituents, imaging methods to visualize subcellular structures and dynamics, and protocols for investigating chromatin and nucleic acid metabolism. Modifications to techniques commonly used in related species are noted, as are useful resources for fission yeast researchers.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 17-Aug-2016
New book on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance from CSHLPress
'Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance' from CSHLPress examines the major classes of antibiotics, together with their modes of action and mechanisms of resistance. Well-established antibiotics (e.g., β-lactams) are covered, as are lesser-used drugs that have garnered recent interest (e.g., polymyxins) and new compounds in the development pipeline. Also examined is how bacteria evolve ways to resist disruptions by modifying the drug or drug target or by controlling access of the drug to the cell.

Contact: Robert Redmond
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Public Release: 17-Aug-2016
Something fishy
Ichthyologist Milton Love co-authors a new report on Arctic species that will help guide future research and management decisions.

Contact: Julie Cohen
University of California - Santa Barbara

Public Release: 15-Aug-2016
New book offers comprehensive look at fracturing horizontal wells
Fracturing horizontal wells has had a profound impact on the US oil and gas industry over the past 25 years, allowing production from fields once considered too marginal to produce. A new book, 'Fracturing Horizontal Wells,' translates that history and the lessons learned into a comprehensive look at the process, from planning to production.

Contact: Jeannie Kever
University of Houston

Public Release: 11-Aug-2016
Here's how deep learning neural networks are designed
World Scientific's latest book 'Deep Learning Neural Networks: Design and Case Studies' shows how DLNN can be a powerful computational tool for solving prediction, diagnosis, detection and decision problems based on a well-defined computational architecture.

Contact: Jason
World Scientific

Public Release: 10-Aug-2016
Books by Hutch Neilson and Amitava Bhattacharjee
This article describes new books by Hutch Neilson and Amitava Bhattacharjee.

Contact: John Greenwald
DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

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