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Public Release: 10-Mar-2017
In new book, MIT linguist expands the horizons of language analysis
In a new book, MIT linguist expands the horizons of language analysis.

Contact: Abby Abazorius
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Public Release: 8-Mar-2017
Philosophy & Predictive Processing online publication on the mind, brain and consciousness
After successfully publishing the Open MIND Project in 2015, Professor Thomas Metzinger is now releasing the collection Philosophy & Predictive Processing (PPP) in cooperation with Dr. Wanja Wiese. The PPP project comprises 26 original contributions written specifically for this volume by 28 international authors. The anthology is freely available online at Unlike the Open MIND Project, this time all the contributions have a thematic focus: the philosophical discussion of Predictive Processing.

Contact: Dr. Thomas Metzinger
Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz

Public Release: 2-Mar-2017
Toxic cocktail
Today, everyone carries a toxic load of industrially-produced chemicals in their bloodstream: pesticides, plasticizers, disinfectant products, flame-retardants, surfactants, and UV filters. These chemicals are harmful to everyone, but they are particularly dangerous to pregnant women and their developing fetuses.

Contact: Sarah Russo
Oxford University Press USA

Public Release: 2-Mar-2017
Catalysis, the solution for climate change?
Catalysts make existing processes greener. In other words, they produce less waste, consume less energy and use fewer raw materials to make the same mass of products. They make processes more efficient and effective and each of these challenges will require advances in catalytic technology in diverse sectors from energy, to water, food production, functional materials, bulk and intermediate materials and pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals.

Contact: Amanda Yun
World Scientific

Public Release: 28-Feb-2017
Arts and humanities in progress
The book aims to introduce a research concept called 'Numanities, 'as one possible attempt to overcome the current scientific, social and institutional crisis of the humanities.

Contact: Aldona Steponaviciute
Kaunas University of Technology

Public Release: 28-Feb-2017
Book reveals why support of US global war on terror has been lukewarm
If President Donald Trump's administration plans to pressure Muslim states into supporting the US global war on terror, they would be wise to consider the findings in a new book showing showing historically weaker counterterrorism support from countries where the religion-state balance leans toward the former.

Contact: Jon Reidel
University of Vermont

Showing releases 26-31 out of 31.

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