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Public Release: 11-Jan-2018
How does mothers' cocaine use during pregnancy affect boys and girls differently?
With a focus on gender, new NIH-funded research continues two decades of study at Case Western Reserve University into effects of prenatal cocaine exposure.
NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health

Contact: Daniel Robison
Case Western Reserve University

Public Release: 10-Jan-2018
CCNY leads four-nation NSF-funded complex fluids project
A five-year research project on complex fluids with potential for transformative scientific discoveries in industries from petro-chemical to cosmetics is underway at The City College of New York's Grove School of Engineering. Funded by a $5.2 million National Science Foundation grant, the initiative includes 11 partner institutions in France, Germany and Norway.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Jay Mwamba
City College of New York

Public Release: 10-Jan-2018
Dr. Helen Genova awarded grant for novel emotional processing study in multiple sclerosis
Helen Genova, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Neuropsychology & Neuroscience Research at Kessler Foundation, has been awarded a $44,000 grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The grant funds her research on emotional processing deficits in people with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune degenerative disease of the central nervous system associated with significant behavioral and emotional sequelae.
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Contact: Carolann Murphy
Kessler Foundation

Public Release: 10-Jan-2018
Bristol to lead revolutionary research into 'self-healing' materials
A consortium of seven institutions led by the University of Bristol, has received a grant of £2.7 million to undertake ground-breaking research into manufacturing new materials which have the ability to self-heal or regenerate.
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Contact: Shona East
University of Bristol

Public Release: 10-Jan-2018
Expedition to 'health-check' southern right whales around South Georgia
An international team of researchers, led by British Antarctic Survey, travels to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia this month to carry out the first scientific whale survey since whaling stopped in the 1970s.
European Union

Contact: Athena Dinar
British Antarctic Survey

Public Release: 10-Jan-2018
How does seawater's 'stickiness' affect the foundations of the global food chain?
Scientists have been awarded grant funding of almost $1 million (US Dollars) to measure the effect of how changes in the viscosity -- or 'stickiness' -- of seawater impacts the smallest types of marine life.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Contact: Cerri Evans
University of Lincoln

Public Release: 10-Jan-2018
Gene/cell connection provides new insight into how our gut microbiome stays healthy
Paneth cells are like an internal antibiotic that eliminates unwanted microbes that make their way into our small intestine and helps us maintain a healthy gut microbiome.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Toni Baker
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Public Release: 9-Jan-2018
UA physician-scientist awarded grant to develop first diagnostic test for schizophrenia
Amelia Gallitano, M.D., Ph.D., studies genetic pathways and their response to the environment, hoping to improve treatments for mental illness.
Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation

Contact: April Fischer
University of Arizona Health Sciences

Public Release: 9-Jan-2018
USC ISI to develop translation and information-retrieval system for uncommon languages
Researchers receive $16.7 million grant to automatically translate and summarize 'low-resource' language documents into English.
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

Contact: Amy Blumenthal
University of Southern California

Public Release: 9-Jan-2018
Researchers receive $2.8 million to repurpose FDA-approved drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease
Researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and collaborators have received a five-year, $2.8 million grant from the National Institute on Aging to identify FDA-approved medications that could be repurposed to treat Alzheimer's disease. The award enables the researchers to develop computer algorithms that search existing drug databases, and to test the most promising drug candidates using patient electronic health records and Alzheimer's disease mouse models.
NIH/National Institute on Aging

Contact: Ansley Gogol
Case Western Reserve University

Public Release: 9-Jan-2018
Researchers seek blood test for early lung cancer detection
Researchers at Rush University Medical Center are trying to answer that question by working to develop a blood test for early detection of lung cancer. The National Institutes of Health awarded this endeavor a two-year $275,000 grant on Jan. 1.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Nancy Difiore
Rush University Medical Center

Public Release: 9-Jan-2018
MSU uses $1.5 million Mellon Foundation grant to build massive slave trade database
Michigan State University, supported by nearly $1.5 million from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will create a unique online data hub that will change the way scholars and the public understand African slavery.
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Contact: Andy Henion
Michigan State University

Public Release: 8-Jan-2018
MSU faculty seek to increase participation of women in agriculture with USDA grant
Six female professors will use a USDA grant to increase the participation of women in agriculture and prepare the next generation of female agricultural leaders in Montana.
USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture's Women in Minorities in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fields Program

Contact: Irene Grimberg
Montana State University

Public Release: 8-Jan-2018
MSU environmental scientist wins grant to research forest management consequences
William Kleindl and colleagues will use a $312,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to determine what effect forest management decisions have on forest ecology from local to regional to continental scales.
National Science Foundation, Early NEON Science Program

Contact: William Kleindl
Montana State University

Public Release: 8-Jan-2018
Amity Manning receives Smith Family Foundation Award to study the biology of cancer cells
Amity Manning, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), is one of just six recipients of grants from the prestigious Smith Family Awards Program for Excellence in Biomedical Research for 2017. With the three-year, $300,000 award, she will seek a better understanding of how tumors evolve and how some become resistant to chemotherapy drugs -- knowledge that could pave the way for new kinds of anti-cancer medications.
Smith Family Foundation

Contact: Michael Dorsey
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Public Release: 8-Jan-2018
UW Reality Lab launches with $6 million from tech companies to advance AR/VR research
The UW Reality Lab is launching with $6 million from Facebook, Google, and Huawei to accelerate innovation in augmented and virtual reality and educate the next generation of researchers and practitioners.
Facebook, Google, Huawei

Contact: Michelle Ma
University of Washington

Public Release: 8-Jan-2018
California awards UCSC Precision Medicine Funds for childhood cancer research
The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute has been awarded a follow-on California state grant worth $500,000 based on its work on the California Kids Cancer Comparison funded by the California Initiative for Precision Medicine. State funding for this work is supplemented by local organization funding from St. Baldrick's Foundation, Unravel Pediatric Cancer, local philanthropists Rafe and George Kraw, among others.
California Kids Cancer Comparison, The California Initiative for Precision Medicine, St. Baldrick's Foundation, Unravel Pediatric Cancer, philanthropists Rafe and George Kraw

Contact: Alexis Morgan
University of California - Santa Cruz

Public Release: 5-Jan-2018
UTHealth's Jeffrey Actor, Ph.D., awarded $1.7 million for tuberculosis research
Jeffrey Actor, Ph.D., professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), has been awarded nearly $1.7 million for a two-year project to investigate a promising tuberculosis treatment using a natural molecule called lactoferrin.
NIH.National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Contact: Rob Cahill
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Public Release: 5-Jan-2018
UTA civil engineering researcher to lead pipeline-coating project spanning six states
Six state transportation departments and a national cooperative have awarded a University of Texas at Arlington pipeline researcher a $400,000 grant to develop design methodologies for lining their storm-water pipes with a sprayed polymer or cement-like material coating that can extend the design life of those pipes.
Federal Highway Administration, Departments of Transportation in Ohio, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota and Pennsylvania

Contact: Herb Booth
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Release: 5-Jan-2018
Russian Science Foundation grant winners: Mathematical models for petroleum extraction
Several teams of SAU EcoOil won Russian Science Foundation grants. One of them was the High-Performance Distributed Systems Lab which presented its project 'Mathematical modelling of multiphase multicomponent non-isothermal filtration in deformable porous medium.'
Russian Science Foundation

Contact: Eduard Khramchenkov
Kazan Federal University

Public Release: 5-Jan-2018
Nok research project enters final phase
Goethe University Frankfurt can continue its study of the Nok Culture. The German Research Foundation has recently approved the funding application submitted by Professor Peter Breunig, Professor of African Archaeology, and Professor Katharina Neumann, Professor of African Archaeobotany. This means that an additional €1.5 million are available to complete the project, which explores the 2,500-year-old West African culture.
German Research Foundation

Contact: Peter Breunig
Goethe University Frankfurt

Public Release: 5-Jan-2018
DFG supports two new research groups at Goethe University Frankfurt
The initiators behind two projects at Goethe University Frankfurt have every reason to be pleased: their new research groups will benefit from German Research Foundation funds totaling €1.9 million. Together with her team, Professor Petra Döll, hydrologist, will now be able to explore the global freshwater system in greater depth whilst Professor Tobias Tröger, legal scholar, and Professor Rainer Haselmann, economist, will join forces with fellow researchers to examine how regulatory parameters influence decisions in the financial sector.
German Research Foundation

Contact: Petra Döll
Goethe University Frankfurt

Public Release: 4-Jan-2018
Mice with frequent flier miles advance the Alzheimer's cause
Scientists from four different institutions are working together to identify a biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease using mice that travel an 850-mile circuit to test the efficacy of special technology called Quest MRI.
NIH/National Institute on Aging

Contact: Laura Wright
University of Kentucky

Public Release: 4-Jan-2018
USDA's NIFA invests in integrated biorefinery optimization
The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today awarded a grant to improve biorefinery technologies through the Integrated Biorefinery Optimization (IBO) program. The funding comes from NIFA's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), which addresses challenges in food and agricultural sciences through research, extension, and education.
US Department of Agriculture

Contact: Selina Meiners
National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Public Release: 4-Jan-2018
NIH awards $8 million to Wake Forest Baptist for Alcohol Addiction Research Center
The National Institutes of Health has awarded Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center a grant worth an estimated $8 million over five years for the establishment of a new center for research into alcohol addiction.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: marguerite beck
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

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