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Public Release: 11-Apr-2017
New MIT study will explore future of transportation
As part of MIT's five-year Plan for Action on Climate Change, the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) has launched a major study -- 'Mobility of the Future' -- to explore how consumers and markets will respond to potentially disruptive technologies, business models, and government policies. The scope of this study is ground transportation with an emphasis on the movement of people.
Alfa, Bosch, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Ferrovial, General Motors, Saudi Aramco, Statoil, and Toyota Mobility Foundation

Contact: Emily Dahl
MIT Energy Initiative

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
NIH grant funds Center for Engineering Complex Tissues at Rice
Bioengineers at Rice, Maryland and Wake Forest receive $6.25 million from NIH to establish the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: David Ruth
Rice University

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
Salk's research center on aging receives additional $3 million gift from Glenn Foundation
The Salk Institute has received a $3 million gift from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research for the second time in 4 years, enabling the Institute to continue investigating the biology of normal human aging and age-related diseases.
Glenn Foundation

Contact: Salk Communications
Salk Institute

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
Hope Through Hollis Fund at TGen supports innovative childhood brain cancer research
In an effort to 'move the needle' toward improved treatments for a rare form of childhood brain cancer known as DIPG, Shane and Shawnee Doherty have donated $30,000 in memory of their 7-year-old son, Hollis, to support research at TGen. Initially, the Hope Through Hollis Fund at TGen will enable a team led by TGen Deputy Director Dr. Michael Berens to conduct a full genomic study of the DIPG tumor that took the life of Hollis.
Hope Through Hollis Fund at TGen

Contact: Steve Yozwiak
The Translational Genomics Research Institute

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
MSU, MasterCard Foundation partner to increase youth employment in Africa
A five-year, $13 million collaboration between Michigan State University and the MasterCard Foundation will help 15,000 young people access employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the fast-growing horticulture, aquaculture, poultry, cassava and oilseed sectors in Tanzania and Nigeria.
MasterCard Foundation

Contact: Kristen Parker
Michigan State University

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
UMass Amherst tick testing lab joins national ecology tracking project
The LMZ at UMass Amherst earned a two-year, renewable contract for up to $112,000 per year to test several thousand ticks for six bacterial and one protozoan pathogen using DNA-based assays. UMass Amherst microbiology professor and LMZ director Stephen Rich says these tests will detect the pathogens that cause Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis, among others.
Battelle, National Science Foundation

Contact: Janet Lathrop
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
The power of images
A research group investigates how media images influence people's willingness to protest.

Contact: Diana Panke
University of Freiburg

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
Large ERC grant for Kim Sneppen
An advanced ERC grant of DKK 16,500,000 was awarded for Professor Kim Sneppen from the University of Copenhagen for development of new methods and models to explore the diverse and complex world within and between cells.
European Research Council

Contact: Kim Sneppen
Faculty of Science - University of Copenhagen

Public Release: 10-Apr-2017
Billionaire investor to accelerate research in artificial intelligence in healthcare
Billionaire investor Jim Mellon has announced his commitment to support research in human longevity. He recently made an investment in Insilico Medicine to enable the company to validate the many molecules discovered using deep learning and launch multi-modal biomarkers of human aging.

Contact: Qingsong Zhu
InSilico Medicine, Inc.

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
UC Davis Native American studies professor receives Mellon Foundation Fellowship
Liza Grandia, associate professor of Native American studies at the University of California, Davis, has received a $270,000 Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship. The fellowship will allow her to study toxicology and environmental epidemiology to become 'a more productive interlocutor' between indigenous communities and the environmental health sciences. Grandia's own battle with lymphoma nine years ago, which she believes may have been triggered by her exposure to pesticides during years of fieldwork in Central America, led indirectly to her Mellon-supported project.
Mellon Foundation

Contact: Karen Nikos-Rose
University of California - Davis

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
A moldable scaffold for bone
A team including researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is developing a bioactive foaml that can be used to replace skull bone lost to injury, surgery, or birth defect.
National Institutes of Health

Contact: Mary Martialay
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
ERC advanced grant for Jiri Friml
Two further ERC Advanced Grants have been awarded to professors at IST Austria. Jiri Friml, who studies the development and cell biology of plants, is one of the two awardees at IST Austria. He has previously received an ERC Starting Grant. In his project 'Tracing Evolution of Auxin Transport and Polarity in Plants', Friml will study the transport of the plant hormone auxin from a novel perspective, looking at its evolution.
European Research Council

Contact: Elisabeth Guggenberger
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
ERC advanced grant for Carl-Philipp Heisenberg
With two newly awarded Advanced Grants, the total number of ERC-funded projects at IST Austria has risen to 33. Biologist Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, who has made a name for himself with his discoveries in the field of embryonic development, is one of the two grantees. In his project 'Interaction and feedback between cell mechanics and fate specification in vertebrate gastrulation', he will study the interplay between the different mechanisms that determine the shape of an embryo.
European Research Council

Contact: Elisabeth Guggenberger
Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
Grant to support research aimed at benefitting patients with IBD
Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine that includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. A protective protein that plays a key role in IBD is TCPTP. Declan McCole, associate professor of biomedical sciences in the School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside, has received a two-year grant of $150,000 from Pfizer Inc. to explore a therapeutic target for correcting intestinal barrier defects in IBD patients who have TCPTP mutations.
Pfizer Inc.

Contact: Iqbal Pittalwala
University of California - Riverside

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
From the science of learning to the art of teaching
Researchers from Boston College, University of Texas at Austin, Iowa State University, Purdue University, University of Pittsburgh, and Texas Christian University have been awarded a $4.6-million grant by the James S. McDonnell Foundation to incorporate insights from the 'science of learning' into teaching practice and student achievement.
James S. McDonnell Foundation

Contact: Ed Hayward
Boston College

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
Birds to help unravel the inner working of nature's most complex societies
An international team of scientists, led by the University of Exeter, in collaboration with Stanford University in the USA and Simon Fraser University in Canada, have embarked on a new, interdisciplinary project that seeks to decipher the enigmatic secrets behind the natural phenomena of collective behaviour.
Human Frontiers Science Programme

Contact: Duncan Sandes
University of Exeter

Public Release: 7-Apr-2017
UTSA student-led team receives NSF grant to develop vein-finding medical device
A student-led team from The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is the beneficiary of a $50,000 grant to UTSA's CITE program from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the continued development of their infrared medical camera, InfraVein, which makes simple work of finding veins. As a result of the grant, the team will be heading to Boston for the NSF I-Corps this month to test the business model of InfraVein and explore how to market the device.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Brian Ward
University of Texas at San Antonio

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
USDA announces funding to support 1890 land-grant universities
The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced the availability of more than $18 million in available funding to strengthen the research, teaching, and extension capabilities at 19 historically black land-grant colleges and universities and train students for careers in agriculture.
US Department of Agriculture

Contact: Sally Gifford
National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
USDA announces $4.2 million to repay educational loans for veterinarians
The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced $4.2 million in available funding to help eligible veterinarians repay a portion of their veterinary school loans in return for serving in areas of the United States lacking sufficient veterinary resources. Funding is made through NIFA's Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP), authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.
US Department of Agriculture

Contact: Sally Gifford
National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
NIH-funded research to explore economic stability's impact on HIV infection
The University of Chicago Medicine's Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation (Ci3) in Sexual and Reproductive Health has launched a research initiative aimed at reducing HIV infection and transmission among vulnerable youth of color, including young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and young transgender women.
National Institutes of Health Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions

Contact: Ashley Heher
University of Chicago Medical Center

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
156 early career engineering researchers to journey to frontiers of their fields
Today, 156 early career engineering faculty begin a five-year journey that will take them to the frontiers of fundamental engineering research. Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation's Engineering Directorate, each researcher will set out with at least a $500,000 award and a plan to make advances in engineering. Their work will cover fields ranging from smart materials and advanced robotics to secure communications.
National Science Foundation

Contact: Sarah Bates
National Science Foundation

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
$3.6 million to fund personalized 3-D brain maps to guide neurosurgeries
Neurosurgeons must avoid cutting into parts of the brain responsible for key functions such as language and vision, but individuals vary in where such functions are located. Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Medtronic are creating a software program that uses data from MRI scans to create personalized anatomic and functional brain maps and integrate them into a navigational system to guide physicians during neurosurgery.
NIH/National Cancer Institute

Contact: Judy Martin Finch, Director of Media Relations
Washington University School of Medicine

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
Austen Riggs Center receives major grant to support human development strategic initiative
The Austen Riggs Center, through the Erikson Institute for Education and Research, has received a major grant from the John Leopold Weil and Geraldine Rickard Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation, Inc., to support its new Human Development Strategic Initiative.
John Leopold Weil and Geraldine Rickard Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Contact: Janet Hiser
Austen Riggs Center

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
EU Excellence Award for research on matter-antimatter plasma
The European Research Council is awarding €2.4 million in support of the research on a matter-antimatter plasma composed of electrons and positrons to be produced for the first time in the world by Professor Dr. Thomas Sunn Pedersen at Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald. He is to receive one of the coveted Advanced Grants with which ERC supports pioneering, but risky research projects.
European Research Council, European Union, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Government of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Contact: Isabella Milch
Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik (IPP)

Public Release: 6-Apr-2017
ASH awards $750,000 to preserve promising biomedical research
Today, ASH announced the names of five investigators whose research has been awarded $150,000 as part of the eighth round of ASH Bridge Grants. Designed to sustain promising hematologic research proposals that score well but cannot be funded by NIH due to stagnant and uncertain funding, the spring 2017 ASH Bridge Grants will preserve programs at five institutions across the United States.
American Society of Hematology

Contact: Stephen Fitzmaurice
American Society of Hematology

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