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News Release 19-Aug-2019

Increased risk of psychiatric disorders in children with IBD

Karolinska Institutet
News Release 14-Aug-2019

Dementia care program improves mental health of patients, caregivers

University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences
News Release 6-Aug-2019

The growing trend of emotional support animals

University of New Mexico
News Release 25-Jul-2019

Clemson research suggests a practical use for regret, hindsight

Clemson University
News Release 23-Jul-2019

The Lancet Psychiatry: Compensatory strategies to disguise autism spectrum disorder may delay diagnosis

The Lancet
News Release 17-Jul-2019

Undocumented Latina immigrants face PTSD at four times the national rate, new study finds

George Mason University
News Release 11-Jul-2019

Survivors' near-miss experiences on 9/11 linked to post-traumatic stress

University at Buffalo