News by Subject Technology & Engineering

News Release 3-Sep-2019

At the edge of chaos, powerful new electronics could be created

University of Groningen
News Release 29-Aug-2019

Theory reveals the nature of crystals defects (of silicon carbide)

The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences
News Release 29-Aug-2019

A unique conducting state under UV-irradiation

Ehime University
News Release 28-Aug-2019

First report of superconductivity in a nickel oxide material

DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
News Release 27-Aug-2019

Energy-efficient power electronics -- Gallium oxide power transistors with record values

Forschungsverbund Berlin
News Release 26-Aug-2019

Quantum criticality could be a boon for qubit designers

Rice University
News Release 23-Aug-2019

Detraction-free light-matter interaction

Ruhr-University Bochum