News by Subject Biology

News Release 22-Jul-2019

Parasitic plants use stolen genes to make them better parasites

Penn State
News Release 22-Jul-2019

Beyond finding a gene: Same repeated stretch of DNA in three neurodegenerative diseases

University of Tokyo
News Release 19-Jul-2019

NIH publishes largest genomic study on type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan African populations

NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute
News Release 18-Jul-2019

Low doses of radiation promote cancer-capable cells

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
News Release 18-Jul-2019

A dynamic genetic code based on DNA shape

News Release 17-Jul-2019

Illinois study advances possibility of genetic control for major agricultural weeds

University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
News Release 17-Jul-2019

'Semi-synthetic' bacteria churn out unnatural proteins

American Chemical Society