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Public Release: 16-Apr-2018

NYU Dentistry study identifies effective school-based cavity prevention program

New York University
Public Release: 16-Apr-2018

Americans with a college education live longer without dementia and Alzheimer's

University of Southern California
Public Release: 16-Apr-2018

Education, not income, the best predictor of a long life

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Public Release: 13-Apr-2018

Scientists find positive workplace experiences among Americans with disabilities

Kessler Foundation
Public Release: 12-Apr-2018

Immunotherapy provides long-term survival benefit: Further evidence in lung cancer

European Society for Medical Oncology
Public Release: 11-Apr-2018

Student class engagement soars when they use personal data to learn

Brigham Young University
Public Release: 11-Apr-2018

Babies make the link between vocal and facial emotion

Université de Genève
Public Release: 10-Apr-2018

Experience of black doctoral students underscores need for diversity in STEM

Iowa State University