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Public Release: 21-Sep-2018

Insulin shows great potential against chronic colitis

University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Public Release: 20-Sep-2018

Full, but still feasting: Mouse study reveals how urge to eat overpowers a signal to stop

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Public Release: 20-Sep-2018

Intestines modify their cellular structure in response to diet

Carnegie Institution for Science
Public Release: 20-Sep-2018

Mediterranean-style diet may lower women's stroke risk

University of East Anglia
Public Release: 20-Sep-2018

'Gut sense' is hardwired, not hormonal

Duke University
Public Release: 19-Sep-2018

Anti-inflammatory protein promotes healthy gut bacteria to curb obesity

University of North Carolina Health Care
Public Release: 19-Sep-2018

Young children's oral bacteria may predict obesity

Penn State