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News Release 22-Apr-2019

Permanent daylight savings may cancel out changes to school start times

Cell Press
News Release 18-Apr-2019

Two studies explore whether time of day can affect the body's response to exercise

Cell Press
News Release 5-Apr-2019

U of G study reveals why heart failure patients suffer depression, impaired thinking

University of Guelph
News Release 3-Apr-2019

WVU researchers identify how light at night may harm outcomes in cardiac patients

West Virginia University
News Release 1-Apr-2019

Special journal issue highlights shift work science, solutions

Washington State University
News Release 27-Mar-2019

U of T Mississauga study identifies 'master pacemaker' for biological clocks

University of Toronto
News Release 24-Mar-2019

BPA exposure during pregnancy can alter circadian rhythms

The Endocrine Society