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Public Release: 16-Jul-2018

Yale-developed test for Alzheimer's disease directly measures synaptic loss

Yale University
Public Release: 13-Jul-2018

Native state is fortunate trap in the journey of protein to its destination, fibril state

Bentham Science Publishers
Public Release: 11-Jul-2018

Living in greener neighborhoods is associated with slower cognitive decline in elderly

Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Public Release: 9-Jul-2018

How does Parkinson's disease develop? Study raises doubts on theory of Parkinson's disease

University of Basel
Public Release: 9-Jul-2018

Switching brain circuits on and off without surgery

California Institute of Technology
Public Release: 5-Jul-2018

Complex brain circuitry revealed using new single-cell sequencing technology

The Translational Genomics Research Institute
Public Release: 5-Jul-2018

Rethinking neurodegenerative disease treatment: Target multiple pathological proteins

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine