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Public Release: 29-Mar-2017

Infant vitamin B1 deficiency leads to poor motor function and balance

American Friends of Tel Aviv University
Public Release: 28-Mar-2017

Lead exposure in childhood linked to lower IQ, lower status

Duke University
Public Release: 28-Mar-2017

Biomechanical analysis of head injury in pediatric patients

Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group
Public Release: 27-Mar-2017

Health problems may increase as young people infected with HIV at birth get older

Massachusetts General Hospital
Public Release: 27-Mar-2017

High burden of iodine deficiency found in Israel's first national survey

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Public Release: 27-Mar-2017

Analysis of antibiotics, appendectomy for uncomplicated appendicitis in kids

The JAMA Network Journals
Public Release: 27-Mar-2017

MicroRNA treatment restores nerve insulation, limb function in mice with MS

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center