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Public Release: 7-Dec-2018

Elucidating protein-protein interactions & designing small molecule inhibitors

Bentham Science Publishers
Public Release: 7-Dec-2018

Carnegie Mellon researchers probe hydrogen bonds using new technique

Carnegie Mellon University
Public Release: 6-Dec-2018

Purdue developing new treatment options for millions with autoimmune diseases

Purdue University
Public Release: 6-Dec-2018

Interactive size control of catalyst nanoparticles

Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Public Release: 5-Dec-2018

Researchers investigate how vial sizes can be optimized to reduce pharmaceutical wastage

Public Release: 4-Dec-2018

New study sheds light on medication administration errors leading to death -- omission is a common cause

University of Eastern Finland
Public Release: 4-Dec-2018

New possible target for treating major common diseases

Karolinska Institutet