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Public Release: 22-Nov-2017

Managing antibiotics not enough to reverse resistance

Duke University
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Rainfall can indicate that mosquito-borne epidemics will occur weeks later

University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Health of people with cystic fibrosis shows positive trends in US and Canada

University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Poll: Most LGBTQ Americans report violence, threats, or sexual harassment

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Disordered eating among young adults found to have long-term negative health effects

University of Helsinki
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Women's health has worsened while men's health has improved, trends since 1990 show

Umea University