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Public Release: 20-Nov-2017

Patients and families aren't comfortable with 'overlapping surgeries,' survey finds

Wolters Kluwer Health
Public Release: 16-Nov-2017

Paraplegic rats walk and regain feeling after stem cell treatment

Public Release: 15-Nov-2017

Visiting the doctor for low back pain? Expect something different now...

University of Sydney
Public Release: 14-Nov-2017

Engineering tomorrow's responsive, adaptable neuroprosthetics and robots

Society for Neuroscience
Public Release: 13-Nov-2017

Infants with extra fingers may receive non-evidence-based, complication-prone treatment

American Osteopathic Association
Public Release: 4-Nov-2017

Obesity linked to lower remission, higher disability in rheumatoid arthritis patients

American College of Rheumatology
Public Release: 3-Nov-2017

Study shows need for adaptive powered knee prosthesis to assist amputees

North Carolina State University
Public Release: 2-Nov-2017

University of Guelph study first to identify the cells driving gecko's ability to re-grow its tail

University of Guelph
Public Release: 31-Oct-2017

Stem cells conduct cartilage regeneration but are not directly involved

University of Veterinary Medicine -- Vienna