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Public Release: 22-Jun-2018

Inhaled nitric oxide may reduce kidney complications from heart surgery

American Thoracic Society
Public Release: 21-Jun-2018

Dying cancer cells make remaining glioblastoma cells more aggressive and therapy-resistant

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Public Release: 20-Jun-2018

Rare in-vivo study shows weak brain nodes have strong influence on memory network

City College of New York
Public Release: 20-Jun-2018

Study explores satisfaction, quality of life after breast reconstruction

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Public Release: 20-Jun-2018

Patient outcomes, complication rates of postmastectomy breast reconstruction

JAMA Surgery
Public Release: 19-Jun-2018

World's first intra-operative MRI-guided robot for bilateral stereotactic neurosurgery

The University of Hong Kong