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Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

Study finds natural selection favors cheaters

University of California - Riverside
Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

Across North America and the Atlantic, an enormous migration journey for a tiny songbird

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

'Insectageddon' is 'alarmist by bad design': Scientists point out the study's major flaws

Pensoft Publishers
Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

New model IDs primate species with potential to spread Zika in the Americas

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

Food safety: Dung beetles and soil bacteria reduce risk of human pathogens

British Ecological Society
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Back to the drawing board for conservationists battling against infectious parrot disease

University of Kent
Public Release: 17-Mar-2019

Expansion of transposable elements offers clue to genetic paradox

Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters
Public Release: 14-Mar-2019

Wild African ape reactions to novel camera traps

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology