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Public Release: 19-Mar-2019

New report discusses role of polyphenols, found in coffee, in reducing CVD risk

The Institute of Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC)
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Researchers predict 1.4 million deaths from all cancers in 2019 in the EU

European Society for Medical Oncology
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Higher consumption of sugary beverages linked with increased risk of mortality

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Public Release: 18-Mar-2019

Behavioral therapy generally more effective than pharmacologic therapies for UI

American College of Physicians
Public Release: 14-Mar-2019

New study underscores significant benefit of conversations between clinicians and patients

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Public Release: 14-Mar-2019

Jury still out on what confers survival advantage in female trauma patients

BioMed Central