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Public Release: 25-May-2018

Doctors fail to flag concussion patients for critical follow-up

University of California - San Francisco
Public Release: 25-May-2018

Most concussion patients fall under the radar after ER visit

University of Southern California
Public Release: 24-May-2018

Short bursts of intense exercise are a HIIT, even with less active people

University of British Columbia Okanagan campus
Public Release: 16-May-2018

Exercise beats genetics in determining amount of body fat

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS)
Public Release: 15-May-2018

New agility tests can discriminate between soccer players at different performance levels

Public Release: 1-May-2018

Soccer coaches are an untapped resource in assessing and developing player psychology

Public Release: 24-Apr-2018

Children are as fit as endurance athletes