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Public Release: 14-Jun-2018

Study: Patients maintain muscle mass 5 years after surgically induced weight loss

Brigham Young University
Public Release: 13-Jun-2018

New mechanism by which Alzheimer's disease spreads through the brain discovered

Linköping University
Public Release: 13-Jun-2018

Older melanoma patients may respond to anti-PD1 immunotherapy better than younger patients

American Association for Cancer Research
Public Release: 12-Jun-2018

Dementia risk increased in 50-year-olds with blood pressure below hypertension threshold

European Society of Cardiology
Public Release: 11-Jun-2018

Researchers identify new gene changes that point to elevated prostate cancer risk

Case Western Reserve University
Public Release: 11-Jun-2018

Millennials: Bet for the future

National Research University Higher School of Economics