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News Release 26-Feb-2020

KAT6A syndrome: Advances on the genetic bases and clinical picture of a rare disease

University of Barcelona
News Release 24-Feb-2020

Social determinant screening not enough to capture patients at risk of utility shut-off

Boston Medical Center
News Release 24-Feb-2020

Many older adults face new disabilities after hospital stays for serious illnesses

American Geriatrics Society
News Release 24-Feb-2020

Validating Toolbox to evaluate cognitive processing in people with intellectual disability

University of California - Davis Health
News Release 19-Feb-2020

Spanish modified Story Memory Technique efficacious for Mexicans with multiple sclerosis

Kessler Foundation
News Release 11-Feb-2020

DIY tools TalkBox and SenseBox help people with disabilities to communicate

University of Maryland Baltimore County
News Release 7-Feb-2020

Supervisors share effective ways to include people with disabilities in the workplace

Kessler Foundation