News by Subject Biology

Public Release: 22-Mar-2019

4D-printed materials can be stiff as wood or soft as sponge

Rutgers University
Public Release: 21-Mar-2019

Open-source solution: Researchers 3D-print system for optical cardiography

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Public Release: 21-Mar-2019

Breakthrough in acidic water electrolysis via ruthenium-based catalysts

University of Science and Technology of China
Public Release: 21-Mar-2019

New technique could help regrow tissue lost to periodontal disease

American Chemical Society
Public Release: 21-Mar-2019

Imaging method reveals long-lived patterns in cells of the eye

NIH/National Eye Institute
Public Release: 20-Mar-2019

As if by magic: TGen develops program that lights up cancer-causing mutations

The Translational Genomics Research Institute