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News Release 6-Jul-2020

Norman Conquest of 1066 did little to change people's eating habits

Cardiff University
News Release 6-Jul-2020

New evidence helps form digital reconstruction of most important medieval shrine

Taylor & Francis Group
News Release 1-Jul-2020

Aboriginal artifacts reveal first ancient underwater cultural sites in Australia

Flinders University
News Release 22-Jun-2020

Climate change and the rise of the Roman Empire and the fall of the Ptolemies

Yale University
News Release 22-Jun-2020

Eruption of Alaska's Okmok volcano linked to period of extreme cold in ancient Rome

Desert Research Institute
News Release 18-Jun-2020

Biology in art: Genetic detectives ID microbes suspected of slowly ruining humanity's treasures

Leonardo da Vinci DNA Project
News Release 17-Jun-2020

First-degree incest: ancient genomes uncover Irish passage tomb dynastic elite

Trinity College Dublin