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Public Release: 21-Jan-2019

Youthful cognitive ability strongly predicts mental capacity later in life

University of California - San Diego
Public Release: 21-Jan-2019

Mouse studies show 'inhibition' theory of autism wrong

University of California - Berkeley
Public Release: 21-Jan-2019

In China, a link between happiness and air quality

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Public Release: 21-Jan-2019

Researchers conduct first population-based study of suicide risk in people with autism

University of Utah Health
Public Release: 21-Jan-2019

Researchers for the first time identify neurons in the human visual cortex that respond to faces

Bar-Ilan University
Public Release: 20-Jan-2019

Brain training app improves users' concentration, study shows

University of Cambridge
Public Release: 18-Jan-2019

Researchers identify specific cognitive deficits in individuals with spinal cord injury

Kessler Foundation
Public Release: 17-Jan-2019

Bioethicists call for oversight of consumer 'neurotechnologies' with unproven benefits

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine