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News Release 23-Aug-2019

Tech time not to blame for teens' mental health problems

University of California - Irvine
News Release 22-Aug-2019

Smartphone app makes parents more attuned to their babies' needs, research shows

University of York
News Release 21-Aug-2019

New clinical data highlight unique enzymatic activity of B. infantis EVC001 in infant gut

MSR Communications
News Release 20-Aug-2019

TGen and Ohio State collaborate on landmark precision medicine canine cancer study

The Translational Genomics Research Institute
News Release 19-Aug-2019

Parent-targeted interventions in primary care improve parent-teen communication on alcohol and sex

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
News Release 19-Aug-2019

Chinese Americans face increased risk of elder abuse, Rutgers studies find

Rutgers University
News Release 19-Aug-2019

Dog down: Effort helps emergency medical staff treat law enforcement K-9s

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau