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Public Release: 20-Nov-2018

Scientists identify new genetic causes linked to abnormal pregnancies and miscarriages

McGill University Health Centre
Public Release: 29-Oct-2018

Lifetime peer influences, and parenting, predict adult coercive relationships

Arizona State University
Public Release: 23-Oct-2018

Study explores infant body position and learning

University of California - Riverside
Public Release: 22-Oct-2018

When you are unhappy in a relationship, why do you stay? The answer may surprise you

University of Utah
Public Release: 17-Oct-2018

Going to bed with your ex might not be as bad you think

Public Release: 16-Oct-2018

Do lovers always tease each other? Study shows how couples handle laughter and banter

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Public Release: 15-Oct-2018

When ignoring your spouse can help your relationship

American Psychological Association