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Public Release: 27-Jun-2017

Leaping lizards!

University of California - Riverside
Public Release: 22-Jun-2017

On polygamous females and single-parent males

Bielefeld University
Public Release: 22-Jun-2017

Don't lose sleep over sharing your bed with your pet or kids

Public Release: 22-Jun-2017

First Chikungunya-infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos found in Brazil

Public Release: 21-Jun-2017

Regional 'hot spot' of Borna disease discovered in upper Austria

University of Veterinary Medicine -- Vienna
Public Release: 20-Jun-2017

Memory for stimulus sequences distinguishes humans from other animals

Stockholm University
Public Release: 19-Jun-2017

Ancient DNA reveals role of Near East and Egypt in cat domestication

KU Leuven
Public Release: 19-Jun-2017

Could therapy animal visitation pose health risks at patient facilities?

Tufts University