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News Release 9-Jul-2020

Cosmic cataclysm allows precise test of general relativity

Max Planck Institute for Physics
News Release 9-Jul-2020

Flaring, massively

Kyoto University
News Release 8-Jul-2020

How colliding neutron stars could shed light on universal mysteries

University of East Anglia
News Release 7-Jul-2020

New collection of stars, not born in our galaxy, discovered in Milky Way

University of Texas at Austin, Texas Advanced Computing Center
News Release 7-Jul-2020

FEFU astrophysicists revealed ten-μm silicate feature in large dust particles

Far Eastern Federal University
News Release 7-Jul-2020

Portable system boosts laser precision, at room temperature

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
News Release 6-Jul-2020

White dwarfs reveal new insights into the origin of carbon in the universe

University of California - Santa Cruz