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News Release 7-Jun-2019

Dashing the dream of ideal 'invisibility' cloaks for stress waves

Georgia Institute of Technology
News Release 5-Jun-2019

Microgrids can help maximize efficiency of renewable energy consumption

Chinese Association of Automation
News Release 5-Jun-2019

Improving driver safety: A standardized look at distraction monitors

Chinese Association of Automation
News Release 3-Jun-2019

Water filters, efficient cookstoves improve health in vulnerable Rwandan populations

University of Colorado at Boulder
News Release 3-Jun-2019

Combination of water scarcity and inflexible demand puts world's river basins at risk

University of California - Irvine
News Release 29-May-2019

Let's clear the air

University of Pittsburgh
News Release 29-May-2019

Cycling lanes, not cyclists, reduce fatalities for all road users

University of Colorado Denver
News Release 20-May-2019

New flying/driving robot developed at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
News Release 10-May-2019

Storm water banking could help Texas manage floods and droughts

University of Texas at Austin