News by Subject Technology & Engineering

Public Release: 18-May-2017

GIS -- a powerful tool to be used with caution

De Gruyter Open
Public Release: 17-May-2017

Bitcoin's popular design is being exploited for theft and fraud

Lancaster University
Public Release: 16-May-2017

Bathroom scales will inform about life threatening conditions

Kaunas University of Technology
Public Release: 15-May-2017

Technology edits voices like text

Princeton University, Engineering School
Public Release: 10-May-2017

Researchers develop software to convene rapid, on-demand 'flash organizations'

Stanford University
Public Release: 10-May-2017

Computer accurately identifies and delineates breast cancers on digital tissue slides

Case Western Reserve University
Public Release: 8-May-2017

Expert rock climbing routes recreated indoors using 3-D modeling and digital fabrication

Dartmouth College