News by Subject Technology & Engineering

News Release 15-Oct-2019

Experiment measures velocity in 3D

University of Illinois College of Engineering
News Release 14-Oct-2019

Protecting smart machines from smart attacks

Princeton University, Engineering School
News Release 10-Oct-2019

Changes in driver shifts and pick-up choices for food delivery services can boost profits

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
News Release 10-Oct-2019

System can minimize damage when self-driving vehicles crash

University of Waterloo
News Release 8-Oct-2019

SwRI hypersonic research spotlights future flight challenges

Southwest Research Institute
News Release 7-Oct-2019

Future intent: Would you let an automated car do the driving?

Queensland University of Technology
News Release 30-Sep-2019

A new concept could make more environmentally friendly batteries possible

Chalmers University of Technology
News Release 25-Sep-2019

Tractor overturn prediction using a bouncing ball model could save the lives of farmers

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology