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Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

Natural route masters

Rothamsted Research
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

Artificial intelligence and supercomputers to help alleviate urban traffic problems

University of Texas at Austin, Texas Advanced Computing Center
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

New statistical method links vast records, shows negative effect of Texas voter ID law

American Statistical Association
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

Researchers peer under the hoods of neural networks

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

A 100-fold leap to GigaDalton DNA nanotech

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard
Public Release: 5-Dec-2017

New algorithm repairs corrupted digital images in one step

University of Maryland
Public Release: 5-Dec-2017

Beyond wind speed: A new measure for predicting hurricane impacts

Colorado State University