News by Subject Archaeology

Public Release: 14-Feb-2019

Dog burial as common ritual in Neolithic populations of north-eastern Iberian Peninsula

University of Barcelona
Public Release: 14-Feb-2019

Biocolonizer species are putting the conservation of the granite at Machu Picchu at risk

University of the Basque Country
Public Release: 8-Feb-2019

'X-ray gun' helps researchers pinpoint the origins of pottery found on ancient shipwreck

Field Museum
Public Release: 5-Feb-2019

Prehistoric food globalization spanned three millennia

Washington University in St. Louis
Public Release: 5-Feb-2019

New islands, happy feet: Study reveals island formation a key driver of penguin speciation

Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)
Public Release: 4-Feb-2019

The Caucasus: Complex interplay of genes and cultures

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History