News by Subject Archaeology

Public Release: 19-Apr-2018

Unprecedented wave of large-mammal extinctions linked to ancient humans

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Public Release: 18-Apr-2018

NYITCOM at A-State professor lends anatomy expertise to solve ancient mystery

New York Institute of Technology
Public Release: 11-Apr-2018

200-million-year-old insect color revealed by fossil scales

Chinese Academy of Sciences Headquarters
Public Release: 9-Apr-2018

First human migration out of Africa more geographically widespread than previously thought

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Public Release: 2-Apr-2018

400-year-old documents reveal evidence of Japanese opium production and winemaking

Kumamoto University
Public Release: 28-Mar-2018

Decade of fossil collecting gives new perspective on Triassic period, emergence of dinosaurs

University of Washington