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Public Release: 9-Aug-2017

Extinction mystery solved? Evidence suggests humans played a role in monkey's demise in Jamaica

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Public Release: 7-Aug-2017

Maize from El Gigante Rock Shelter shows early transition to staple crop

Penn State
Public Release: 27-Jul-2017

Present-day Lebanese descend from Biblical Canaanites, genetic study suggests

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Public Release: 26-Jul-2017

Traces of adaptation and cultural diversification found among early North American stone tools

Public Release: 26-Jul-2017

Cultural flexibility was key for early humans to survive extreme dry periods in southern Africa

University of the Witwatersrand
Public Release: 21-Jul-2017

In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human

University at Buffalo