News by Subject Archaeology

News Release 12-Aug-2020

Mutations may have saved brown howlers from yellow fever virus

University of Utah
News Release 11-Aug-2020

Australian Indigenous banana cultivation found to go back over 2,000 years

Australian National University
News Release 5-Aug-2020

An iconic Native American stone tool technology discovered in Arabia

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
News Release 3-Aug-2020

Ancient shell llama offering found in lake Titicaca

Penn State
News Release 27-Jul-2020

Lead white pigments on Andean drinking vessels provide new historical context

Dickinson College
News Release 22-Jul-2020

Stone tools move back the arrival of humans in America thousands of years

University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
News Release 22-Jul-2020

Earliest humans stayed at the Americas 'oldest hotel' in Mexican cave

St John's College, University of Cambridge