News by Subject Biology

News Release 6-Dec-2019

'Conductor' gene found in plant root stem cell 'orchestra'

North Carolina State University
News Release 5-Dec-2019

'Junk DNA' affects inherited cancer risk

Cancer Research UK
News Release 5-Dec-2019

Technique shows how individual cancer cells react to drugs

University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine
News Release 4-Dec-2019

Scientists detail how chromosomes reorganize after cell division

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
News Release 4-Dec-2019

First experimental genetic evidence of the human self-domestication hypothesis

University of Barcelona
News Release 3-Dec-2019

Neurodegenerative diseases may be caused by transportation failures inside neurons

Rockefeller University
News Release 3-Dec-2019

Researchers map the formation of ducts connecting digestive organs in zebrafish

University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
News Release 3-Dec-2019

Diabetes drug has unexpected, broad implications for healthy aging

Salk Institute