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Public Release: 18-Aug-2017

Drug resistance in an intestinal parasite of piglets confirmed for the first time

University of Veterinary Medicine -- Vienna
Public Release: 17-Aug-2017

Smells like queen spirit

University of California - Riverside
Public Release: 17-Aug-2017

Scientists compare soil microbes in no-till, conventional tilling systems of Pacific Northwest farms

American Phytopathological Society
Public Release: 16-Aug-2017

Injecting manure instead of spreading on surface reduces estrogen loads

Penn State
Public Release: 16-Aug-2017

Turning pollen into a low-cost fertilizer

American Chemical Society
Public Release: 16-Aug-2017

The irresistible fragrance of dying vinegar flies

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
Public Release: 14-Aug-2017

Neonics put bumblebees at risk of extinction by hindering colony formation, study reveals

University of Guelph