News by Subject Biology

Public Release: 27-Feb-2017

Super resolution imaging helps determine a stem cell's future

Rutgers University
Public Release: 24-Feb-2017

A novel DNA vaccine design improves chances of inducing anti-tumor immunity

The Wistar Institute
Public Release: 24-Feb-2017

Size matters... and structure too! New tool predicts the interaction of proteins and RNA

Center for Genomic Regulation
Public Release: 23-Feb-2017

New assay may lead to a cure for debilitating inflammatory joint disease

NYU Langone Medical Center / New York University School of Medicine
Public Release: 23-Feb-2017

New research explains why a common bacterium can produce severe illness

Rockefeller University
Public Release: 23-Feb-2017

Researchers uncover a role for HSP90 in gene-environment interactions in humans

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research