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Public Release: 20-Sep-2017

Could condors return to northern California?

American Ornithological Society Publications Office
Public Release: 18-Sep-2017

Researchers unlock potential pathway to treat flesh-eating bacteria

Houston Methodist
Public Release: 15-Sep-2017

Contaminants in food: Health risks of natural origin are frequently underestimated

BfR Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Public Release: 15-Sep-2017

Evidence of drug use in mothers of babies with NAS -- but also in control group mothers

American Academy of Pediatrics
Public Release: 15-Sep-2017

Study suggests increase in adverse effects due to use of opioids in hospitalized children

American Academy of Pediatrics
Public Release: 11-Sep-2017

Toxicologists recommend human cell-based methods to identify asthma-causing chemicals

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Public Release: 6-Sep-2017

The bacteria responsible for legionellosis modulates the host cell metabolism to its advantage

Institut Pasteur