News by Subject Biology

Public Release: 19-Aug-2018

The environmental cost of contact lenses

American Chemical Society
Public Release: 17-Aug-2018

Scientists find titanium dioxide from sunscreen is polluting beaches

Goldschmidt Conference
Public Release: 15-Aug-2018

Old species learn new tricks...very slowly

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Public Release: 15-Aug-2018

When viruses infect phytoplankton, it can change the clouds

Cell Press
Public Release: 15-Aug-2018

Arctic seabird populations respond to climate change

American Ornithological Society Publications Office
Public Release: 14-Aug-2018

Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's

Michigan State University
Public Release: 14-Aug-2018

Fishing quotas upended by nuclear DNA analysis

University of Johannesburg