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Public Release: 14-Dec-2017

Behavior of millions still shaped by Industrial Revolution

Queensland University of Technology
Public Release: 14-Dec-2017

Music streaming sites benefit indie singers at the expense of top 100 artists

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Public Release: 14-Dec-2017

Study suggests social workers lack tools to identify potential chronic child neglect

University at Buffalo
Public Release: 13-Dec-2017

Alcohol taxes are too low, have not kept up with inflation

Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

How do you track a secretive hawk? Follow the isotopes

University of Cincinnati
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

Poll: Younger women, college educated women more likely to say they have been harassed

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

Medicaid expansion popular among Americans connected to program

University of Chicago
Public Release: 11-Dec-2017

Multiple health implications of women's early marriage go beyond early childbearing