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Public Release: 20-Jun-2018

Microbial proteins could supplement animal feed, reduce land use and pollution

American Chemical Society
Public Release: 19-Jun-2018

Long-term estrogen therapy changes microbial activity in the gut, study finds

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Public Release: 18-Jun-2018

360 degrees, 180 seconds: Technique speeds analysis of crop traits

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Public Release: 18-Jun-2018

Rewiring plant defence genes to reduce crop waste

University of Warwick
Public Release: 15-Jun-2018

Genetic engineering researcher: Politicians are deaf to people's ethical concerns

University of Copenhagen
Public Release: 15-Jun-2018

Quality of diet still poor for SNAP participants

Tufts University, Health Sciences Campus
Public Release: 14-Jun-2018

Agricultural intensification not a 'blueprint' for sustainable development

University of East Anglia