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Public Release: 26-Feb-2018

Voice control: Why North Atlantic right whales change calls as they age

Syracuse University
Public Release: 16-Feb-2018

At AAAS: Reducing bird-related tragedy through understanding bird behavior

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Public Release: 7-Feb-2018

Fruit bat's echolocation may work like sophisticated surveillance sonar

University of Washington
Public Release: 12-Dec-2017

Fish and ships: Vessel traffic reduces communication ranges for Atlantic cod, haddock

NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Public Release: 7-Dec-2017

Is there a musical method for interpreting speech?

Acoustical Society of America
Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

Want to listen better? Lend a right ear

Acoustical Society of America
Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

What gave early New Orleans jazz clarinets their unique sound?

Acoustical Society of America